Our Kin Centennial Tree

The Kin Canada Centennial Tree Project was launched in 2019/20 as an initiative to celebrate our 100th Anniversary as an Association. We are immensely proud to have participated in this Canada-wide project honouring Kin Canada Founder Hal Rogers, as well as our milestone 100 Year Anniversary.

“Kin Canada Founder Hal fought in battles at Lens, Hill 70, Ypres, and Vimy Ridge. After the battle at Vimy Ridge, acorns were gathered from the oak trees that were destroyed and sent home to Canada. Vimy Oak trees honour the memory of Canadians who fought in the First World War. In honour of Founder Hal, a veteran of the First World War, a tree can be planted by Clubs in their home community. In addition, a Vimy Oak Tree has been selected to be planted during National Convention in Hamilton and another at Kin Headquarters in Cambridge, Ontario.

Realizing that Vimy Oak Trees will not grow in all regions of Canada, it is our hope that Clubs will plant a tree of their choice in their community along with a commemorative plaque honouring Hal Rogers.”

The Kinette Club of Calgary chose to plant an Evans Cherry Tree on the lawn at Made by Momma, a local charity that supports vulnerable families with basic needs including healthy meals and wholesome baked goods. Our hope is that our tree will yield delicious cherries that can be used in feeding families in need for many years to come.

Our Kin Canada Centennial Tree Dedication Ceremony & Plaque Presentation – June 22, 2022
THANK YOU to Foothills Nurseries for donating this beautiful tree to our club and the community who will benefit from not only its beauty but the fruit it will bear!
Our club members Melanie, Jackie, Allyson & Joanna planted the Kin Centennial Tree on July 3, 2021, at the local Calgary charity Made by Momma.

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